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"you know octopi isn't the plural of octopus right? it's a common misconception..."

i loved it! a deep story for such a little game, a story well told and lots of pretty art to look at and music to listen to :)


I really loved this game! Such a cute and epic turtle journey to go on, it felt like there were real stakes and real opportunities to mess things up which just kept me going. The writing and dialogue is super cute and charming, I loved talking with all the awesome fish buds. The art and music are fantastic as well! I'm shocked you pulled it all together for the jam, it's all really well executed. Would've loved a little more high stakes music during the "heist" but that may be for another time. 

Overall super charming turtle story with a dozen characters to fall in love with, would totally go turtle adventuring again! 


This is really good, and I'm very impressed with the art design of it all. Couple of little things;

- Turtles can breathe underwater through their anus!

- Almost no saltwater fish breed in captivity, unfortunately. Clownfish, banggai cardinals, and precious few others.

Is all the code for showing character portraits your own, or a library? It's very nicely done!


Hi Radical Dog and thanks for your kind comments :)

The character portrait code is all home-grown. Everything in this game was created during the jam.

That's super. I made a little interpreter for commands like :background=party: from the script to change things, but it looks like you achieved much more!


That's pretty much what we're doing! Our story manager shoots out events when new lines or choices appear, and there's a function that lets you check what the value of tags are. Then all our game objects just listen for the tags they care about!